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What Is Sexual Coercion?

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Sexual coercion, also known as sexual assault, is a sexual act between two people that takes place when one person forces another to do something against their will. This kind of consent is not always the product of someone’s free will. Sexual coercion can take place during any part of a sexual relationship. The victim may be forced to perform or submit to unwanted sexual touching, forcing an adult to lie on them during a sexual encounter, forcing one person to remove their clothing and forcing a partner to wear only underwear. It is in your best interests to contact a sexual assault lawyer for further information about this form of assault.

According to BBW escorts there are many different forms of sexual coercion that may occur during any sexual contact. Be it in the workplace, at home, or any other public place; such acts often times take place without the victims knowledge or consent. As a result, the consequences can be severe, especially in cases involving minors and the elderly. In such instances, the perpetrator may face significant jail time if he is convicted of this crime.

Those who have been victimized by sexual violence may feel like they have no rights. They may not feel like they can speak up or they may feel like the matter will go away with no action from them. But the reality is that the perpetrator of the sexual assault has a lot of privileges. He or she can threaten, coerce, and even physically attack anyone whom they deem to be of a sexual nature.

What is sexual coercion? This can happen when a perpetrator coerces someone to do something they don’t want to do. Sometimes the victim feels pressured into having sex at a specific age, such as when the victim is of a certain age. Other times, the perpetrator coerces a minor to sleep with him or her. And other times, a person may be pressured into having sex just to “get back” at the target of the coercion.

What is sexual assault, then, if not coercion? The definition of this crime is when a person commits an act of a sexual nature against another person. However, in cases involving minors or the elderly, this act can include anyone between the ages of 13 and 18. This is why the metoo movement is so important.

When survivors come forward and report their experiences of sexual coercion, they face some difficult obstacles. They often do not feel safe enough to discuss the events that occurred to them. It is these stories that shine a light on the needs of survivors. But when they speak out, these women and men to help put an end to the culture of sexual coercion and assault that have been prevalent in our society for far too long. As a result, it helps eliminate the possibility of people being pressured into performing sexual activity just to make someone else happy.

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