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First Time Sex Tips That You Need to Know

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Do you have a fear of being in a position where you cannot perform at all on your first time? Do you want to get to the next level but just cannot get past the stage where you don’t know how to give a woman pleasure? Are you willing to put the effort in to find out how to give women multiple orgasms and dominate her on the bedroom floor?

I can tell you from experience that women love to be dominated when it comes to sexual positions. This is what gives a woman an intense orgasm that you will never forget. You want to get to the next level with your woman so why not learn some sexy and exciting first time sex tips. Here are three sex secrets that men really do not tell you about.

A lot of men like to play hard to get and this usually turns women off in the bedroom. The truth is that there are things that you can do to make her orgasm faster and harder than she has ever had before. You can do these things with the right amount of foreplay. It is very important that you keep your woman waiting while you do your work. By doing this you are making her eager for the action to begin and this will turn her on.

Foreplay is a technique used by many men who want to be able to go deeper with their women, especially if you are new to this. Foreplay is the best way to build up anticipation and you need to start slow when it comes to this.

One thing you will want to avoid at all cost is going too fast in the bedroom with your woman. Many women find this extremely embarrassing and it really turns them off. You want to have fun and try to have the time you need without worrying if she is not comfortable.

Some of the most popular and first time sex tricks that you can try out include using your tongue. This will really send her over the edge and you will find that she enjoys this even more when it is paired with other techniques such as fingering and oral sex. If you use your tongue properly you will find that she gets turned on more easily than when it is just a simple blow job.

To intensify foreplay, you may want to try to stimulate the clitoris. This is done by gently penetrating and then going back up and down again. This can be done with your fingers or a vibrator. There is also the use of a penis strap which is great for stimulating her g spot.

Here are a few more sex secrets that you should know about. Try and understand that a lot of men do not tell you about because they do not want to be embarrassed. If you really want to learn these things, you need to learn them now.

When it comes to foreplay one of the first time sex tips that you should know is to take your girl to bed before sex. You need to do this before she becomes aroused to ensure that you can enjoy this time together before having sex. After you have been in a relationship for a while you may find that she is a bit shy about getting into the act, but she will appreciate you helping her out. this is a great way to show her that you respect her and that you are there to be a support system.

Another good sex tip to remember is that you do not want to wear something revealing around her. In fact, this is especially true for vaginal intercourse.

When it comes to foreplay, you also need to know a few foreplay sex tricks that she will love. One of the best techniques that you can try is to put on a sexy outfit like a string bikini or a pair of fishnet stockings and then try to use oral sex. The more foreplay you give your woman the better this will feel.

When it comes to foreplay it is very important that you pay attention to her body language and learn what is arousing her the most and this will help you to create the sexual tension that will make it last longer. You should also try to stimulate her clitoral stimulation and this will really get her turned on.


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