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How To Talk Dirty To A Woman?

Every man wants to know how to talk dirty to a woman. Learning how to make love to a woman is an integral part of any relationship, and if you want to enjoy your sex life with your partner better, you must first learn how to talk dirty. Dirty talking turns on the opposite sex, and is one of the best ways to turn a woman on without feeling ashamed or awkward. Here are some simple guidelines for how to talk dirty with confidence.

Be playful. Women love playful conversation, and most men are naturally playful when it comes to talking dirty. Be yourself and don’t worry about looking foolish. Tell her jokes and tell her that you love her just the way she is. It will turn her on to no end.

Take the time to really analyze the situation before speaking. When a couple is alone, they can talk dirty in private if that’s what the situation calls for. However, talking to your girlfriend/wife and a group of women at a club is not only different than private conversation, but is also easier to do since you’ll be around others. You can use your imagination to add some more sexual tension to your talk. The best thing to do is to ask your partner what turns her on, and incorporate that into your talk.

Don’t sound like a pervert. Some men think that they’re better than others when it comes to talking dirty. Being open and honest will help you get the most out of your experience. Don’t assume that because she said she was turned on when you two were alone that she wants to hear dirty talk from you.

If she says no, then say yes. There is no such thing as getting in someone’s good graces just so you can have sex with them. That’s known as date rape. So never say no when a woman asks if you’d like to talk more. It will never work, and it will make you look like a wimp.

In conclusion, the best advice for answering the question of “Exactly How to Talk Dirty to a Woman?” is to relax. If she seems to be uncomfortable with talking dirty, that means you should too. Remember that women want to be seduced, not overpowered. Practice makes perfect!


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